• Movable Wall Systems

    movablewalls1Ravensberg, Incorporated offers an easy, one call solution for all your space management needs. We offer movable wall and partition systems for commercial and institutional clients – from small to extra-large spaces.

    Quality, attention to detail, and a strict adherence to staying on schedule; these are areas in which Ravensberg Incorporated likes to shine!

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  • Design/Build

    DSC_0081Ravensberg Incorporated offers expert turnkey design service for all space needs, from laboratories to meeting rooms.

    Our industry-standard CADD services deliver exacting specs designed to perfectly match your technical and architectural needs. Plus, we make budget and completion dates cornerstones of every project step.

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  • Chantilly Cabinets

    cabinets1Ravensberg produces a quality line of architectural casework and countertops.

    Whether you are working with an architect and already have project plans, or need assistance on a design-build project, we can provide CADD shop drawings for your approval, high quality CNC casework, countertops and solid surfaces.

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  • Case Work

    laboratory1Ravensberg Incorporated is an installing provider of laboratory casework, counter tops, fixtures, and fume hoods.   

    We are a full-service dealer for Air Master Systems Corporation, the premier manufacturer of quality metal laboratory casework and fume hoods. Diversified Casework is our laboratory wood casework manufacturer setting the highest standards in the casework industry. All products are made in the USA.

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  • Repair/Maintenance

    window1Experts at Repair and Maintenance you can count on Ravensberg to be there for your service needs.

    Whether you need timely service response to a movable wall emergency and need assistance ASAP, need to test or certify existing fume hoods for air flow concerns, would like to set up an annual maintenance program to prolong the life of your existing products, or just need a minor part or service, call Ravensberg today!

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  • Other Products

    iqsynthesis1Ravensberg's expertise doesn't end at our listed products. 

    We are ready and willing to assist should you have need of any of the following type of products: gymnasium equipment, staircases, and other architectural products.

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