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Chemline – Lab


Chemline is an industrial polyurethane and polyurea coatings company located in St. Louis, MO. After experiencing a flood, they needed one of their labs completely redesigned with efficiency in mind.


The day after their initial meeting, Ravensberg had developed design prints that were quickly finalized with Chemline. Custom features were then fabricated and installed in the lab. The design created a brand new, modern space that is extremely organized and functional for all daily lab work needs.

Project Highlights:

  • Custom fumehoods were designed and installed to limit the user’s exposure to hazards.
  • The custom metal cabinets throughout the lab are from Airmaster Systems.
  • Stainless Steel countertops give workers the space they need and also provide ease of use and safe cleanup.
  • A custom canopy hood was suspended from the ceiling in the lab.
  • The lab’s elements also include fixtures from Watersaver.