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Saint Louis University – Doisy Hall


Saint Louis University’s latest and largest research project to date needed an open area lab space on multiple floors that would encourage interaction of scientists, be a recruiting tool to attract necessary researchers, allow growth with flexibility, and enhance the theme of a “green” building.


Ravensberg Incorporated carefully coordinated with SLU’s contractor, designers, and architects throughout the planning and design process.  Immediate and constant feedback was given on design questions and budget updates.  To create space flexibility, open interaction between scientists, and to help achieve its goal of an extremely environmentally-friendly building, Ravensberg installed “Maximizer” counter mounted shelving systems, giving researchers flexibility to delete, add, or change shelving/storage needs quickly and promote interaction with its open views.  Vertical service pedestals located between uprights opened up the counter space for equipment and procedures. The cabinets chosen were made of LEED certified Maple wood, which helped the building achieve its goal of an extremely environmentally-friendly building. All installed interior laboratory products were Hamilton Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hoods, a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Project Highlights:

  • Maximizer Adjustable Steel Shelving, Vertical Service Pedestals and open plan design create a collaborative environment with utmost flexibility for owner.
  • Concept Fume Hood – the next generation in laboratory fume hoods.
  • Lab casework integrated with laminate writing surfaces to create a flow from lab to office.
  • Suspended maple wood cabinet attached to Adjustable Max Frames, creating a fresh look and ease of cleaning.
  • LEED certified maple wood cabinets and Maximizer Adjustable Shelving System with end sink, umbilical, and pegboard-graduate rack assembly.



1338 Strassner Drive
Saint Louis, Missouri