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Laboratory Systems

1. I like the concept of flexibility of in my laboratory, but do not want to sacrifice load capacity for flexibility. Is there a system that gives both?

Titan Lab and Titan Mobile by Air Master Systems are the most flexible, yet strongest laboratory system on the market. They offer heavy-duty work stations with 2,000lbs capacity, equipment rack mobile tables with 2,600lbs capacity, and full-range adjustable shelving systems that handle loads up to 180lbs.

2. Is there such a thing as environmentally friendly fume hoods?

Yes! Because of great concern over energy costs and inefficient exhaust systems, low fume hood design is a huge industry trend. Correctly designed fume hoods and exhaust systems effectively lower static pressure, decrease distance to outside blowers, and safely exhaust lab air in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

In addition, Ravensberg offers the Green Solution Hood fume hoods. This hood is ductless which eliminates the need for additional HVAC systems while providing safe extraction of harmful vapors

Movable Walls

1. Is there a way to hide operable walls when they are not being used to divide a meeting space?

Yes. Operable walls can be engineered to stack in a remote pocket location so they are not visible from the main meeting room. The walls may then be quickly and easily retrieved to divide the meeting space without falling out of sequence.

2. Is it possible to divide a meeting area without losing floor space due to typical operable wall stacking pockets?

Yes. Vertical lift operable wall systems are electrically operated partitions that quickly and quietly deploy from the ceiling with the flip of a switch. This system prevents loss of floor space to typical operable wall stacking pockets.

3. What can be done to properly maintain and extend the life of movable walls?

Ravensberg Inc. recommends entering into an annual maintenance agreement.  This will provide and audited inventory of the existing wall system on a regular basis. Should a problem be detected, Ravensberg service technicians can provide quick estimates.


1. Will a Ravensberg associate visit the job site to help assess project needs?

Absolutely! Call us anytime to make an appointment for a Ravensberg associate to visit your job site. We are happy to assess your project needs, provide technical information, and deliver a quote or proposal in a
timely manner.

Completion Times

1. How long will my project take to complete?

Every project is different, however Ravensberg always works efficiently to get your project done in a timely manner. With that being said, each of the manufacturers we represent requires specific lead times to receive products. Please call us for completion time estimates on your specific project.


1. How much does a movable wall cost?

The manufacturers we represent are all quality leaders in their niche of the Commercial Construction Industry, and Ravensberg is set up to bring you top of the line products on time and on budget. Contact us today for a quick quote.


1. Does Ravensberg offer warranties on its products and services?

Our products have various warranty periods. For specific warranty information on movable wall track systems, vertical lift operable walls, or other products, please contact Ravensberg directly at 1-800-467-3170.