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We service gym equipment and sports gear for schools, gyms, country clubs, recreational facilities, parks, residential facilities, and more.

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How We Can Help

Our service technicians can perform repairs and maintenance on sports equipment including:

  • Portable Basketball Systems
  • Indoor & Outdoor Backstop Systems
  • Ceiling Suspended & Wall Mounted Backstop Systems
  • Backboards
  • Goals
  • Padding
  • Portable Volleyball Systems
  • Nets & Cables
  • Judge Stands
  • Batting/Golf Cages
  • Ball Stops
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Portable Badminton Systems
  • Divider Curtains
  • Wall Pads
  • Court Layouts
  • Floor Covering Systems
  • Tabletop and Wall Mounted Scoring Displays
  • General Physical Education Equipment
  • And much more!

Gym Equipment Issues Threaten Safety

As an owner of gym equipment, you know how often each piece of machinery is used. It’s the best way to get your money’s worth out of them. Gym equipment is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just one faulty part can jeopardize the safety of the user.

For example, if a judge stand collapses during a volleyball match and the referee is injured as a result, you as the owner are held liable. That’s a situation most would want to avoid. Luckily, it’s possible to do so, with some help from Ravensberg, Inc.

The best way to ensure user safety and prevent harmful damage is to schedule an appointment with our certified professionals. Look at it this way: if you noticed a nail in your car’s tire, you would most likely be quick to send it to a tire expert. The same urgency should occur when you notice a potential hazard in your gym equipment – when you discover issues, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Ravensberg, Inc.

Preventative Maintenance Programs Tailored to You

Whether you discover faults within your equipment or wish to prevent “out of order” signs being posted on your machinery, the certified technicians at Ravensberg, Inc. are here to help. Our professionals will provide you with gym equipment repair and maintenance you can trust.

The best part of our preventative maintenance programs is that they are made specifically with your needs in mind. Since we service several types of equipment for a variety of environments, such as school gyms, country clubs, recreational facilities, parks, and more, you can rest assured that your problems will be solved. Once we observe and discuss your needs, we will create a program that fits your schedule and includes expert knowledge, recommendations, and repairs.

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Gym Equipment

Several perks are included in our gym equipment preventative maintenance programs. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ machinery has a long lifespan and continuously keeps users safe. Benefits include:

  • Safety improvements
  • Schedule convenience
  • Certified and trained professionals
  • Extension of equipment lifespan
  • Reduction of potential equipment downtime

The more often gym equipment is used, the more likely it is to wear down over time. Regular testing and diagnostics save you money on expensive repairs and the possibility of replacing entirely.

Contact Our Gym Equipment Repair Experts

At Ravensberg, Inc., we take repair and maintenance seriously. Why spend large amounts of money on all new gym equipment when you can receive expert repairs on the machinery you currently possess? More often than not, it makes more sense to call the repair experts than it is to start from scratch.

In many instances, our professionals can not only confirm the existence of faulty equipment, but they can also discover additional problems you might not have noticed on your own. It’s of utmost importance to keep your machinery performing at its best. If not, the safety and wellbeing of your users are at stake.

Take advantage of the benefits provided by Ravensberg, Inc.’s gym equipment maintenance and repair. Our experts are ready to assist you in keeping your machinery running smoothly and for the longest amount of time possible! Simply complete our online form below.

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