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Glass wall systems combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. These innovative movable wall systems add modernism and openness to any space, whether retail, corporate, entertainment, or education.

Ravensberg Inc. was St. Louis, Missouri’s first distributor of industry-leading ModernfoldⓇ operable partition products, and we remain proud partners today. We work with you to create a custom project plan, order your sustainably fabricated products, install them, and provide lasting service and maintenance. Request a project quote today to discuss how glass wall systems can revolutionize your space!

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Our Glass Wall Products

Glass walls are available in various designs, depending on your spatial requirements and goals. However, every interior glass system delivers a sleek, modern appearance coupled with sound control to improve the way you work.

We offer three innovative glass wall system products:

  • Horizontal Folding Systems: Folding sliding glass systems are perfect for straight-line designs. The frameless sliding system provides openness, transparency, and ease of operation with no floor track.
  • Vertical Folding Systems: Vertical folding systems (VFS) provide clean lines, a lightweight structure, a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels, high-efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance, making them the perfect solution for bright, sophisticated, and welcoming spaces.
  • Exterior Folding Systems: Our folding, sliding, and stacking door systems are elegantly classic and provide unsurpassed performance. Our products feature the industry’s largest panel opening heights and widths in almost every category, operating with ease. Our architectural grade systems provide impact-rated and thermally broken options, prepped to outperform in weather-challenged climates.

We also offer automated self-driving glass panels and exterior glass walls, depending on your needs.

Benefits of Glass Wall Systems

Glass has several beneficial properties, making it a popular choice for commercial interior design. Glass wall systems enclose areas for offices, university libraries, retail spaces, or entertainment venues while retaining natural light and views.

The top benefits of interior glass wall systems include the following:

  • Maximized lighting
  • Improved lines of sight
  • Acoustic rating
  • Modern appearance
  • Customization options

Maximized Lighting

Although traditional partition walls act as physical and sound barriers to the outside environment, their lack of transparency can make your space appear dark and gloomy. Conversely, glass wall systems allow more natural light to flow freely throughout the building, reaching even the darkest corners and boosting morale.

Improved Lines of Sight

Transparent glass walls create separate spaces that increase productivity while giving employees or students an unobstructed view of the open space. As a result, the work environment feels less cluttered and imposing. Team members then work with greater efficiency.

Acoustic Rating

The open floor plan is the new norm in modern workplaces. Although they encourage team collaboration, some employees may struggle with constant distraction. Glass wall systems are available with numerous acoustical ratings that block sound from outside while keeping interior conversations private. Your particular acoustic rating will depend on how you use your space and its configuration.

Modern Appearance

Clean lines, minimalistic appeal, and a touch of sophistication are a few ways glass systems portray a modern appearance. Glass offers a sleek and smooth look, regardless of the company or setting.

Customization Options

Make your glass wall systems work for you. Various customization options are available that suit your spatial needs and goals. Personalize further with frosted glass, patterns, or your company logo. Their ease of operation allows you to transform your space in minutes.

Why Choose Ravensberg?

Ravensberg, Inc. has been the leading space solution expert since 1958. We leverage decades of experience in designing, installing, installing, and selling our quality products. When you choose Ravensberg, you receive a team dedicated to developing a custom solution catered to you.

Additionally, we provide professional service and maintenance for your operable partitions – even from other manufacturers. We understand the importance of ensuring your movable walls’ integrity, so we offer repairs and services such as recovering and replacing panels, acoustic adjustments, and last-minute moving. Further, our team can perform regular maintenance tasks like adjusting tracks, annual inspections, and eliminating impact problems.

Transform Your Space With Glass Wall Systems

Glass wall systems are an excellent way to maximize your space and boost team productivity. Their modern design allows abundant natural light while giving employees the privacy of an enclosed office. Look no further than Ravensberg, Inc., to reap the benefits of custom glass wall systems!

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