Research and analysis in a lab benefits greatly from specialized equipment that keeps potentially hazardous materials away from the technician/student. Fume hood and exhaust systems allow for research on materials that may emit vapors, gases, and dust that are toxic, flammable, or corrosive to be done in a safe lab setting.

Ravensberg is pleased to provide fume hood and exhaust systems for laboratory settings in need of such equipment. We work as a dealer for Air Master Systems, to provide laboratory fume hoods that allow research without putting researchers/students at risk of dangerous exposure.

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What Are Fume Hood and Exhaust Systems?

A fume hood is an enclosed workspace from which a researcher/student may work with hazardous materials without being openly exposed to them.

Paired with an exhaust system (either ducted or ductless), a fume hood allows for safe handling of dangerous materials without exposing the technician to harm in the process of their work.

Before scientists and researchers had safe environments to test and evaluate substances, they would use an open lab that could expose themselves and others in the area to dangerous materials. Today, technology has evolved to allow for controlled research and experimentation within a fume hood.

Laboratory fume hoods are paired with an exhaust system to take away the potential fumes from the environment in which they are housed while allowing the technician safe access to substances. In addition, there are fume hoods that do not require the exhausting of vapors into the outside environment rather they use an in-house filtering system, eliminating the need for added ductwork and fan housings.

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Air Master Systems – A laboratory fume hood designer and manufacturer since 1975, Air Master Systems designs, manufactures, and assembles systems from their facility in Muskegon, Michigan. An All-American company focused on laboratory safety.

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