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If you’re looking for reliable laboratory casework, Ravensberg Incorporated is a distributor of top-quality painted and stainless steel casework and countertops. We provide everything you need for your project, ensuring it maximizes your space and workflow.

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Custom Metal Lab Casework Fabrication & Design

Our custom lab casework design services make everything easier from start to finish. Our team of experienced designers can assist you throughout the entire process, whether you’re in need of guidance or have a specific plan in place with an architect.

We are able to help complete your architectural design based on your project’s specific technical requirements, from painted or stainless steel lab cabinets and lab tables to other types of steel lab furniture for your facility. Prior to fabrication, we’ll make sure you’re content with the designs by providing you with CAD (computer aided design) drawings of all metal lab casework for approval.

Once you’ve approved our designs, we will work to provide you with an exceptional final product and further ensure quality through the installation of your new steel lab furniture. We’ll make certain the process is consistently smooth until all of your custom designs are in place.

Reliable Metal Casework Partner

What sets Ravensberg apart from other steel lab casework designers is the unparalleled quality that we bring to every job. We give each of our clients and their projects the attention they need to ensure satisfaction with the final results. In addition to reliable quality, we also provide optimal turnaround to help your project along as quickly as possible.

We work to maintain affordability across our services, along with our consistent quality and efficiency. When you turn to Ravensberg for your steel cabinets and lab equipment, you’ll be able to get what you need from leading lab equipment manufacturers without going over your allotted budget.

Applications for Steel Casework Fabrication

You can utilize steel lab cabinets and other furniture for a variety of applications, including heavy-duty storage for chemicals, laboratory equipment, and various types of supplies. Regardless of your laboratory’s layout or what it’s used for, you’ll be able to get the casework you need. We can provide you with steel fume hood base cases, tall storage cases, and tables at sitting or standing height.

All of our designs are easy to maintain and meet SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association) manufacturing standards. You’ll also benefit from dependable durability with chemical-resistant designs specifically intended for laboratory environments.

More Benefits of Steel Lab Casework

Steel lab casework is ideal for laboratory environments that contain many experiments working with a variety of liquids and chemicals. There are several benefits to utilizing stainless steel lab cabinets and casework; some include:

  • Durable and stain-resistant
  • Reflects light and further illuminates the room
  • Easy to clean
  • Will not chip or fade
  • Rust resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant

When you choose steel lab casework, you’ll receive high-quality, durable lab equipment that suits your needs.

Turnkey Steel Laboratory Casework Fabrication

Steel laboratory casework is extremely durable and long-lasting. You can count on our team of craftsmen to give you everything you need from project conception to completion. All you have to do is approve the design, and let us take care of the rest! To get started on your custom steel lab casework design and installation, contact Ravensberg today!

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