Although we’re not astronauts, we are experts in space division! A movable partition allows you to flexibly convert one large space into multiple rooms and vice versa. We offer movable wall and partition systems for commercial and institutional clients—from small to extra-large spaces.

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Movable Partitions to Help Improve Space

Your space may require a movable wall for a number of reasons. Perhaps you need to block off space temporarily at times in the course of your daily operations to give your teams focused areas to work. Maybe you need the flexibility of an operable wall to make your office design as adaptable as the type of work you do. Whatever the case, a movable wall system can be a great option for meeting those needs through a high-quality product designed for you.

Movable walls give you the best of both worlds—you can have an open floor plan with the option to create private spaces whenever you need them! We offer straightforward solutions for all of your space management requirements. We provide partition systems and movable walls for spaces of all sizes that seamlessly fit your room’s design.

Types of Movable Walls

Our movable partition walls have been designed with space and floor flexibility in mind. Accordion folding doors and operable partitions are aesthetically built for authenticity, durability, and simplicity. Foldable partition walls are ideal for commercial spaces, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, community centers, churches, etc. because they provide space flexibility as well as acoustical separation.

Accordion Folding Doors

Accordion folding doors easily divide spaces for noise and privacy at a moment’s notice. There are a wide variety of available accordion folding doors, including:

  • Accordion glass doors
  • Wood accordion doors
  • Vinyl accordion doors
  • Metal accordion doors
  • Interior/exterior accordion doors
  • Accordion sliding doors
  • Extra-wide accordion doors
  • Soundproof accordion doors
  • Custom accordion doors

Benefits of accordion folding doors include:

  • Fast and economical way to divide space
  • Provides years of easy and smooth use
  • No floor tracks intruding on your spaces, creating tripping hazards or collecting debris
  • Heavy-duty track systems to accommodate various ceiling conditions
  • Laminated covers add strength and stability to the door

We partner with the following manufacturers to install, service, and repair accordion folding doors in facilities operating in a wide variety of industries. You can trust these brands to provide high-quality systems that meet or exceed your needs.

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Operable Partitions

Operable wall systems are a series of interlocking panels suspended from an overhead track that helps divide a room to add function and flexibility to existing spaces. Our movable glass walls and other operable partitions safely stack against a wall or into a pocket when retracted.

Benefits of operable partitions include:

  • Electronic with the automatic operation
  • Interlocking panel seal providing easy panel alignment
  • Excellent acoustics and sound control
  • Heavy-duty frame for extra durability
  • Work surface and partial height design variety
  • Clean lines offer unobstructed views and an aesthetically pleasing look 
  • Available in different styles and finishes to complement room design and decor

Your operable wall system may be from one of our partners below.

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If you are ready to utilize your space to the fullest with a movable glass wall, accordion folding door, other operable partition, Ravensberg has got you covered! Our team is dedicated to providing customized partition wall solutions and exceptional movable wall repair & maintenance. Our customer service can’t be beaten!

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