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Movable walls and partition systems allow you to convert large, open spaces into private areas easily. Companies, hotels, banquet centers, schools, and more can significantly benefit from the flexibility wall partition systems provide. Ravensberg, Inc. offers innovative, custom space management solutions for commercial and institutional clients, partnering with industry-leading manufacturers such as Modernfold. 

It’s easy to divide your space with operable partitions and movable walls, whether you wish to give teams private work areas, create classrooms, or leverage flexible banquet room sizes. You can trust the industry expertise of Ravensberg, Inc. to provide quality custom products that fit seamlessly into your room’s design. Request a quote today to get started!

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The Operable Partitions We Offer

Ravensberg offers two premium operable wall partition styles to suit your needs. Horizontal wall systems, or operable partitions, contain a series of panels suspended from an overhead track, adding functionality and flexibility to your space. Our operable partitions include single panels, paired panels, and automated systems that safely stack against a wall or within a pocket when retracted.

We also provide vertical wall systems, which deploy straight down from a ceiling pocket. Our innovative vertical systems are ideal for tight spaces or those with multiple obstructions, such as heavy furniture. Enjoy excellent acoustics and sound control with all operable partitions.

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Glass Wall Partition Systems

Glass wall systems are perfect for those who love an open concept and natural lighting yet still desire private spaces. Additionally, glass allows window-less isolated areas to receive light from hallways and other rooms. Create a bright, sophisticated, and welcoming space with our various glass products, including automated self-driving glass panel systems and exterior glass walls.

Automated Self-Driving Glass Panel Walls

Automatic self-driving glass panels provide convenience and control. Users leverage a touchpad to pre-program their panels’ positions so that once they press the button, the glass automatically assumes its correct placement. The possibilities are endless when your glass panel walls do the work for you.

Glass Wall Systems

Combine the aesthetic appeal of aluminum and glass with our line of glass wall systems. You can enjoy sound reduction, room separation, and an airy, modern design specific to your specifications. Industry-leading seal technology and utmost flexibility allow you to maximize acoustics while configuring your space the way you want.

Exterior Glass Walls

Do you love the picture-perfect view outside your office or building? Exterior glass walls provide the “wow” factor, offering customers and employees a panoramic view few other venues or companies can match. There’s an exterior glass wall for you, whether you’re seeking a single wall or cornered visibility.

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Accordion Doors

The classic choices, accordion door systems and partitions, are perfect for areas requiring only slight separation. Choose from various custom finishes with superior durability and reasonable sound control. Our accordion doors and enclosures contain a steel interior and fabric covering. Creating the perfect space is as easy as drawing a curtain.

Churches, restaurants, clinics, and classrooms can significantly benefit from accordion systems. Whether you’re seeking a straight-line, wall-to-wall, curved, or unique shape, Ravensberg can provide a custom-fitted accordion door system for your space. Take advantage of the optimal design flexibility, and storage accordions offer.

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Divide and Conquer With Our State-of-the-Art Wall Partition Systems

Since 1958, Ravensberg, Inc. has been an industry leader in movable wall systems, laboratory casework, gym equipment, and other unique space-saving products. We take pride in our excellent product service and maintenance, design and build capabilities, and quick quote turnarounds. Our team of experts will analyze your current space and help you create a custom solution that addresses and solves your challenges.

When you choose our movable wall company, you’ll receive the highest quality products and designs. Whether you’re in the market for operable walls, accordion doors, or glass systems, we’re your team. Request a quote today to make the most of your space!

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