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Ravensberg, Inc. is the premier high-quality stainless steel laboratory casework and countertop distributor. As a full-service partner, we ensure your project exceeds expectations from initial design to final installation. We’ll provide everything you need to maximize your space and workflow.

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Custom Stainless Steel Casework Design & Fabrication

Our custom stainless steel casework design services remove the hassle from your project. We’re here to assist you throughout the process, whether you need guidance or have a solid plan in place with an architect.

Ravensberg’s experienced team can help complete the architectural design using your specific technical requirements. We’ll provide computer-aided design (CAD) drawings of all your stainless steel casework and lab furniture before fabrication to ensure you’re satisfied with the result.

Once you approve the CAD renderings, we’ll work to provide a superior final product. Our team will ensure further quality through professional installation. Our goal is to make certain your project is consistently smooth until your custom designs are complete.

Ravensberg is Your Reliable Laboratory Casework Partner

Our unparalleled service and quality distinguish Ravensberg from other stainless steel lab casework designers. We give every client and their projects the utmost attention to ensure they’re happy with their new laboratory workspaces. Ravensberg also brings reliable quality and optimal turnarounds to every job.

We also strive to maintain affordability, performance, and efficiency across our services. You can be confident that you’ll receive the best products from leading stainless steel laboratory casework manufacturers without compromising your budget.

Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework Applications

Stainless steel casework has numerous applications in laboratory settings, such as heavy-duty storage for equipment, chemicals, and supplies. Whatever your workspace layout or purpose, Ravensberg has you covered. We can also provide fume hood base cases, tables at standing or sitting height, and tall storage cases.

Every design we create is easy to maintain and meets SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association) standards. Our line of casework products is chemical-resistant and specifically intended for laboratory use.

The Benefits

Stainless steel lab furniture is ideal for several experiments, such as those with chemicals and harsh liquids. More notable benefits of stainless steel casework include the following:

  • Easy to clean
  • Will not fade or chip
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Withstands harsh chemical cleaners & corrosive environments

Choose Ravensberg for exceptional quality laboratory casework that suits your needs.

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You can trust our expert team to provide everything you need from project conception to completion. All you have to do is approve the design and let us handle the rest! Contact us today to get started with turnkey stainless steel laboratory casework design, fabrication, and installation.

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