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If you’ve ever worked in a lab setting, you know that the tasks vastly differ each day. Therefore, it’s necessary to have both an efficient and productive workspace with properly maintained equipment. Yes, laboratory casework counts as equipment, since it’s a necessity in every lab!

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Keep Your Lab Casework in Prime Condition

We help you maintain your lab casework systems and accessories to maximize the productivity of your space. We work extensively with various materials including plastic laminate casework, wood casework, and steel casework. Our service technicians are trained and certified to service and maintain your lab furniture and casework systems, including cabinetry, countertops, and layout.

Ravensberg can perform:

  • Countertop repairs and replacements
  • Cabinet repairs and replacements
  • Lab casework layout rearrangements

Quality lab casework involves many parts that need servicing and maintenance over the course of time. Since the casework solutions at Ravensberg, Incorporated are highly individualized for each customer, so too are the repair and maintenance services we offer.

Casework Countertop Repairs and Replacements

There are different types of countertops from which to choose, whether it be plastic laminate, wood, or steel. As with any countertop, it’s possible that the material cracks, wears down, or needs repair. When that occurs, look no further than the company that designed and constructed them in the first place! We’ll diagnose and either repair or replace the existing countertop, getting you and your team back to work as soon as possible.

Cabinetry Repairs

Lab casework includes full-frame construction and removable rear panels as part of its cabinetry. If one of these pieces were to become faulty as a result of the day-to-day work, our highly-trained service technicians will arrive on-site with the appropriate tools and professionalism required for the job. We will inspect the situation and provide assistance to bring your casework system back to normal.

Custom Lab Casework Layout Rearrangements

When you partner with Ravensberg, all aspects of your lab casework are unique to you. This includes not only the material, countertops, and equipment, such as fume hoods, but also the arrangement. If you discover that your custom setup isn’t functioning as well as you initially imagined, that’s okay! We will work with you to ideate a new lab casework system layout that increases your productivity and storage capabilities.

Contact Your St. Louis Lab Casework Solutions Provider

Your lab casework should be sturdy, useful, and promote both cleanliness and organization. If you’re concerned that your custom laboratory casework system isn’t performing at its best, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

When you complete our online contact form below, don’t forget to ask us about how to set up an annual maintenance program to prolong the life of your existing products! We look forward to working with you.

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