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Operable partitions are flexible for commercial and institutional clients in various markets. With the help of leading manufacturers, Ravensberg, Inc. develops custom space division solutions catered to the unique needs of every client. As a full-service partner, our experts have you covered, from initial design to installation and service.

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What Is an Operable Partition System?

An operable partition system is a movable wall with panels that either run along a track or lower from a pocket in the ceiling. As the panels move, they easily transform any interior space, dividing one room into multiple. Additionally, operable partitions boast efficient sound control, so no company or classroom discussion disrupts those on the other side.

The Types of Operable Partition Walls

The two primary types of operable partitions are horizontal and vertical. Their main difference is their direction of movement. Horizontal partitions move side-to-side on a track, while vertical partitions deploy downward from the ceiling. All movable wall products are custom designed to fit the dimensions of each space perfectly. 

Horizontal partition panels stack neatly on one end when opened. Vertical partitions stack neatly within a ceiling pocket, hidden from view. Each partition’s panels flatten into one cohesive structure when fully extended. Although their directional movements differ, their shared purpose is to divide large spaces and maximize square footage.

Our Manufacturers

At Ravensberg, we know there isn’t a single solution for everyone regarding space management. Every client has different needs and specifications. Therefore, we offer quality products in various styles, sizes, and materials from industry leaders. We aim to help you boost efficiency and use your space at its fullest potential.

We proudly design, build, install, and sell operable partitions from Modernfold, Skyfold, and Eurowall. We were the first company in St. Louis to offer Modernfold movable walls. Thus, our customers trust that the products they receive will benefit their daily operations. Our manufacturer partners constantly seek to improve and refine their products, therefore better serving clients’ needs.

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Why Choose Operable Partitions?

Event centers, colleges and universities, corporations, and more can benefit from operable partitions. Notable advantages include:

  • Flexibility. Operable partitions make it easy to change the layout of your space. Unlike their permanent counterpart, operable partitions can move anywhere. They bring your interior layout vision to life, whether that includes individual offices, conference rooms, classrooms, or event spaces. Each operable partition perfectly fits your specifications.
  • Long lifespan. The panels consist of sustainable, quality materials that last much longer than permanent drywall construction. If your office or organization relocates elsewhere, your partitions can also move to maximize the new space. They can also sit in storage for long periods without losing their high performance. 
  • Managed acoustics. If noise management is a concern, many operable partition systems have a high acoustic rating. The rating, from 25-65, describes how much sound travels from one end of a room to the other. High acoustic ratings indicate less sound traveling, while lower ratings indicate more.
  • Maintain business as usual. Your custom-fit operable partitions arrive pre-assembled at your facility. As a result, our experts install them without fuss, hassle, or major adjustments, while you perform your daily operations.
  • Cater to prospective tenants or customers. Allowing potential tenants to adjust their space sets landlords apart from the competition. Similarly, event centers can offer various room size options that cater to customer needs and desires.

Maximize Your Space With Operable Partitions Today

Since 1958, Ravensberg, Inc. has provided quality space solutions for clients in numerous industries. As a family-owned business now led by its third generation, we focus on honesty, innovation, and rapid quote turnarounds. We’re confident our designs and products will fulfill your needs, maximize your available space, and improve productivity.

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